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Indy Pass, Six Degrees Analytics, and Aspire Jump on Board for Sales Partnership

October 28, 2021

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ATLANTA, GA – Indy Pass, Six Degrees Analytics (SDA), and The Aspire Group (Aspire) have announced a collective initiative that will focus on lapsed ski and snowboard passholders through a targeted outbound sales and marketing campaign. Aspire and Six Degrees will be responsible for re-engaging previous passholders from Indy Pass’ 76 participating resorts making the most of their efforts through a personalized one-to-one customer outreach.  

Six Degrees and Aspire are proven partners in sports, entertainment as well as the snow ski industry. Their customer centric one-to-one outreach with skiers and riders at select resorts has proven to be an effective communication and engagement tool. Customer service is always at the forefront of all campaigns and engaging customers one-to-one has been a welcome surprise and delight to kick of their season.  

The Indy Pass has broken long-standing rules and overcome the we’ve-never-done-it-that-way-before objections to become the fastest growing multi-mountain pass on the planet,” mentioned Dough Fish, Indy Pass President and Founder. “We are thrilled to be working with Six Degrees and Aspire on this new venture and hope it will pave the way for a whole new strategy for expanding access to skiing and snowboarding.

“We are beyond thrilled to be working with Doug Fish and the entire Indy Pass team,” said Tom Grabowski, SDA’s Founder and CEO. “They have carved out a much-needed niche working with some of North America’s best independent ski resorts. This multi-mountain pass spans generously coast-to-coast and undeniably offers the most bang for the buck in the multi-mountain pass category.”

“Indy Pass has filled a hole in the ski resort membership model,” said Bill Fagan, Aspire’s CEO. “Their flexible membership has resonated extremely well in the ski and snowboarding community. Partnering with SDA & Indy Pass brings together a creative forward-thinking team that is focused on innovation and member experience. We look forward to engaging with past and future pass holders and welcoming them to rapidly expanding network of multi-mountain resorts this winter.” 

The Indy Pass campaign will operate out of Aspire’s National Sales Center (NSC) in Atlanta, GA, which has generated more than $14M in revenue across 60 partners all-time. The NSC’s current partners include three MLB organizations and the Washington Prime Group.

About Indy Pass

The Indy Pass is the fastest-growing multi-mountain pass in the world and features world-class resorts in all regions of the US, Canada, and now the powder belt of Northern Japan. The fiercely independent mountains are incredibly diverse, but all have one thing in common – they offer smaller crowds, lower costs, and welcoming authentic vibes.

For more information about Indy Pass visit their website here.

About Six Degrees Analytics

Six Degrees Analytics has hands-on experience with tens of thousands of live one-to-one outbound and inbound calls, emails, and SMS messages. SDA creates dynamic outbound engagement centers enhancing the customer experience as well as the entire customer journey. SDA has a deep understanding of why enthusiasts engage with a brand or perhaps, even more important why they resist. Six Degrees has in-depth customer engagement experience across a variety of enthusiast segments. It bases its approach on measurable results of thousands of one-to-one outbound and inbound conversations, emails, and text messages with enthusiasts. SDA’s expertise lays out communicating with customers on a one-to-one basis and has a deep understanding of how to connect with them on their terms.

For more information about Six Degrees Analytics visit their website here.

About The Aspire Group

The Aspire Group is an award-winning sports and entertainment marketing firm that is globally recognized for innovative ticket and sponsorship sales, consulting, and research services. Aspire created the outsourced ticket sales niche, revolutionizing intercollegiate athletics with the first Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) at Georgia Tech in 2009. Over the past twelve years, more than 280 collegiate and professional sports properties have trusted Aspire to drive revenue, attendance, and enterprise-value growth through the combination of marketing, strategic consulting, and research services, and best-in-industry fan relationship management.

For more information about The Aspire Group visit us here and follow us on Twitter @theaspire_group

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