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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mike is simply one of the best sales trainers in the business. His methods are clear, thoughtful, and proven. His energy and customer service focus is infectious. Mike provided a great, early pathway to success in my career by providing strategies that are the foundation for a mutually beneficial client relationship.”

Craig Sloan

EVP @ Home Team Sports, a division of Fox Sports Media Group

“Mike Boswell changes careers. Having the opportunity to develop and learn from Mike was vital to my success. Mike is a captivating speaker and outstanding sales trainer. His enthusiasm and passion enable him to transfer his extensive knowledge of the sales process in a memorable and easy to implement way. Years after working with Mike I continue to use his techniques to train executives. If you are looking for the best trainer to grow and maintain a top level of sales expertise in your employees I highly recommend Mike Boswell.”

Ryan Miller

Sr. Director of Business Development and Strategy @ AEG Sports & Ontario Reign

“During Mike Boswell’s visit to the University of Maryland, he provided the staff with real world knowledge and situational training that will enhance our sales and service efforts.  The Sales Swing Doctor training is a highly-detailed approach that covers comprehensive sales techniques while providing constructive feedback for improvement day to day.”

Matt Monroe

Associate Athletic Director for Ticket Services @ University of Maryland

“The Aspire Group have been great partners with us and have worked with us to develop our ticket sales talent into more efficient and effective revenue drivers. Specifically, Mike Boswell’s training program helped to instill better habits in our group, while providing them the sales fundamentals to be successful. Our group has improved in their approach to selling, asking for the sale and ultimately getting the sale as a result of Aspire’s training.”

Shaun Guest

Vice President of Sales & Revenue @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

“A huge reason for the success of the IHL’s Denver Grizzlies’ resurrection of the Denver hockey market in 1995 was due to Boz’ efforts. The difference between good and great was Boz’ ability to not only teach a roomful of newbies how to sell, but to get the most out of people who didn’t know what they were themselves capable of. Boz is a true mentor, and the things he taught me over 20 years ago not only continue to help me succeed in MY career, but have also allowed me to pass those things along to others to contribute to THEIR success.”

Jeff Mandel

Regional Vice President @ WorldPay

About Boz

Director of Sales & Service Training

Having over 25 years experience at the highest levels in sports sales and related training, Michael Boswell understands the needs of sales and service departments. Boz is responsible for working with each Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) and all Aspire partners to improve employees’ sales and service skills to boost revenues, attendance, staff and fan retention.

More About Boz

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What Our Employees Are Saying

“I can attest that “Boz” is one of the best sales trainers in the biz. With over 25 years of sports industry experience, Mike Boswell delivers exceptional training across the board, but what’s most important is he knows how to connect with young professionals. The execution and implementation of his sales training is seamless, while maintaining an exceptionally high level of energy at all times. I will recommend Boz to any organization that is looking to improve relationships with their fan base and to increase their revenue production. You can’t spell “Boom Zing” without Boz!”

Jeff Czachowski

FRMC Manager, Ticket Sales & Operations @ Eastern Michigan University Athletics

“Thinking back on the training that Boz provided for me when I first started as a member of his staff, what jumps out to me is that he wasn’t just training me to succeed at the job I was starting, but training me to excel in my career. Boz took the time to make sure that I understood, not only what to do to best set myself up for success, but why it was setting me up for success. The way that Boz taught me to approach my career and how to conduct myself has been the key reason for my growth within Aspire. I hope to have the same impact on my employees’ growth that Boz had on mine.”

Doug Bean

Former FRMC Manager, Sales & Service @ University of Massachusetts

“Drawing upon his unique and ample experience, Boz guides new and veteran revenue generators through sustainable sales & service techniques to create the right mental make-up for long-term success.  The diligence he has about his work is reflective of the person he is: energetic, relatable and engaging.  Even better, after his time on-site, he is assessable and accountable to both the staff and leadership team.”

Chad Cardinal

Sr. Director, Sales & Service @ Santa Clara University

“I think that some of the biggest things that I have taken from Boz and the trainings I have been a part of with him is the necessary time for self-reflection. In all of our trainings together, it has always ended with a task to go home each night with one thing that you would like to improve on for the following day. Being able to look yourself in the mirror and truly want yourself to improve is key to the grown and development of yourself as a person, at work and personally. That kind of thinking for me at work is a credit to Boz and the training he provides each time we talk.”

Don Brown

Senior Sales & Service Consultant @ Colorado State University

“He sharpened my sales techniques overall with a focus on the referral ask, confidence on B2B calls, and leadership in the office, among many other great concepts. I make sure to have monthly calls with him to continue to grow my sales techniques and learn all of the best practices.”

Dillon Del Rosso

Sr. Sales Consultant, New Business @ University of Maryland

“With this being my first role in Sales and Service in collegiate athletics, Boz’s insight has been very helpful. He takes the time to get to know me as a person including my passions, my strengths, and my weaknesses in order to provide me with the best tools to succeed in my role with Aspire. One of my biggest takeaways has been his encouragement to recognize the bigger picture to help with setting more short-term goals that will lead to achieving my personal and professional long-term goals.”

Kristina Tedford

Service & Retention Consultant @ University of Connecticut

“I’m always ready to take notes when Swing Doctors are coming up from Boz. I take pride in taking what we have learned in training sessions, applying it to the next call, and having those methods be effective. Keeping these tidbits on top of mind have really helped me improve as a salesperson in my second season at my FRMC.”

Sam Sackey

Sales Consultant @ Seton Hall University

“After every time speaking with Boz either via training or just a follow-up call he always gives you the feeling of confidence once you complete your interaction with him. His techniques and creative solutions opens your mind to new ideas that has led me to grow in my role as a Sales Consultant with The Aspire Group.”

Julius Martinez

Senior Sales Consultant @ University of South Florida

“The training Mr. Boswell has provided is second to none. His advice and strategies on building relationships as helped me develop and see success through my career as a sales consultant. The energy he brings to each training session in-person or even on the phone inspires me to bring 100% positivity everyday to try and inspire others the way he has inspired me during my time here at Aspire.”

Kyle England

Senior Sales & Service Consultant @ University of Toledo

“Boz, experience and support continue to help me raise my game. Whether we are talking about group sales, working through objections, or customer service Boz has a recommendation for the situation. He is a valuable asset for me and others in The Aspire Group! “

Jesse Moreno

Senior Ticket Sales & Service Consultant  @ Santa Clara University

“The training that Boz has provided me with over the past two years has helped me significantly to develop and grow as a sales consultant for The Aspire Group. Whether Boz is going over sales techniques or helping me with career advice, he truly cares about what I need to do to raise my game to the next level. Having such great resources such as Boz is what I believe makes The Aspire Group such a great company to work for.”

Zoe Cohen

Team Leader – Women’s Sports Specialist @ Army West Point

“The training I have received for Boz has given me direction in my career and has taught me how to continually get better to accomplish my goals.”

Kyle Brannigan

Service & Retention Consultant @ Army West Point

“The Aspire Group is a great company to work for because of the relationships with everyone in the company. Mike Boswell, “Boz”, is one of those relationships that is especially key at the start, and throughout your career. Boz has helped me grow in several different areas including relationship building, sales verbiage, and prospecting.”

Michael Ankoviak

Senior Sales Consultant @ Eastern Michigan University

“The training that Boz provided not only helped me improve my techniques and maximize my day-to-day operations at the KU FRMC, but also went beyond that and grew my confidence as a sales consultant.  One of the reasons I chose to work for Aspire was for the countless training opportunities, and the way Boz structures and executes his really emphasizes empowering the individual to be their best. If you come in with an open mind and desire to learn and improve, he can help you make lasting differences for your career.”

Drew Whitaker

New Business and Development Consultant @ University of Kansas

“Training at The Aspire Group is unique in the fact that comes from the experience of a genuinely caring personality. I have been provided with so many tools to succeed, not only within the company, but life in general. The advice given is always valuable, pertinent, and appreciated. I leave each meeting feeling more motivated and empowered than ever!”

Lohren Stitt

Sales & Service Consultant @ Colorado State University

“The training techniques Boz has taught me can be translated to several areas within the sports industry. These techniques will assist me as I continue to develop and grow my young professional career. My success and confidence within my first year at the KU FRMC can be contributed to the exceptional advice Boz has offered me.”

Tanner Journey

Service and Retention Consultant @ University of Kansas

“Boz is a tremendous resource! A sales trainer who cares about your growth and not someone who is in it for “him”. The touch points I have with him every other month or so are always good refreshers on basic techniques and the feedback he gives is positive and constructive.”

Dustin Boucher

Group Sales Consultant @ University of Connecticut

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