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 Sport at the Service of Humanity Conference

On October 5th, 2016 the first-ever conference of its kind, Sport at the Service of Humanity (SSH16), was held at The Vatican. Pope Francis, the visionary leader behind the creation the conference, believed it was a necessary and timely initiative because of the global problems facing society. He wanted to encourage today’s world leaders to help restore faith in faith using the power of sport.

The SSH16 Management Committee began planning 18 months in advance with Aspire playing a major role in shaping both the conference itself and the proposed legacy movement Humanity Sports Club.  Six critical principles were developed by this group and shared during the conference to form the basis of what Pope Francis hopes people across the globe will adopt, promote and adhere to on a daily basis going forward.

At Aspire, we have prominently posted each of these Principles in our Corporate office in Atlanta, GA to help inspire our employees to live by them each and every day.


Bernie is asking the Aspire community to take on the responsibility of helping to make Humanity, and hence, the world, a safer and more peaceful place to live. For all people to be Involved, Included, and Inspired. Start with yourself, then your loved ones, friends and associates and then please spread the message of Faith In Humanity and Faith in the Power of Sports.

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