Aspire Celebrates Milestone in Career Development: 75+ Internally Promoted Leaders

June 28, 2022

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The Aspire Group (Aspire) has promoted more than 75 entry-level employees to leadership positions, a historic milestone in career development driven by an unparalleled commitment to training and retention. Aspire’s Founder and Chairman, Bernie Mullin, had this to say about the company’s history of promoting from within and the trust it cultivates from staff and partners:

Aspire’s focus on internal development and training starts from the top down. CEO, Bill Fagan, meets one on one with over 50 managers and senior sales staff each year to provide individualized career guidance.

“Pouring into our people is our MOST IMPORTANT job. We make a commitment to our people that we are going to invest in them to make them the best professionals, period.” says Fagan. “We always look internally first when we have a leadership opening. It’s this constant commitment to our own staff, whom we refer to as our Aspire FAMILY, that has enabled us to develop and promote more people into management positions within Aspire than any other organization in our industry. We expect this upward trajectory to continue as we develop the future leaders of the sport and entertainment business.”

A select group of Aspire’s internally promoted leaders were asked to reflect on their career path and offer advice to industry newcomers:

  • Biggest Lesson learned at Aspire: “Control what you can control while keeping a positive attitude.”
  • Advice to new sport and entertainment industry entrants: “If you’re passionate about working in this industry, find any way that you can to get started. Once you’re in, look around you and develop relationships with peers to build your network.”
  • Advice on working towards leadership: “Lock in and focus on doing your best each day. A lot of people are quick to jump to a new job thinking the grass may be greener, but that can set them back when it comes to growth opportunities in this industry.”
  • Favorite Memory of Aspire: “Meeting the best assemblage of high output individuals I have ever been around.”
  • Biggest Lesson learned at Aspire: “Success is largely a function of your ability to handle rejection, failure, and disappointment.”
  • Advice on working towards leadership: “Focus on being exceptional in exactly what you are being tasked to do before looking to expand your responsibility. Focus on executing and the rest will take care of itself.”
  • Biggest Lesson learned at Aspire: “You can’t sell wins and losses. You have to get creative and control what you can control. Focus on the other aspects that speak to why your organization is important”
  • Advice to new sport and entertainment industry entrants: “Focus on yourself and how you can get better. Think about what you can take on and learn from and be sure not to focus on outside factors that you can’t control.”
  • Advice on working towards leadership: “Buy in. Focus on getting better, ask for feedback from your managers, and take on challenges.”
  • Favorite Memory of Aspire: “(I have) a lot of fond memories from Aspire, but the ones that stick out the most are from the startup phase: the first bell ring, happy hours as a group, celebrating our first $1M in revenue. That group and that culture was awesome and continues to make major waves in the industry.”
  • Advice to new sport and entertainment industry entrants: “Finishing first does not always mean you are the best. Progress takes time and is all about where you start and how you finish. Generating revenue is not easy…appreciate the ups and the downs as there are teachable moments at every junction of your career.”
  • Advice on working towards leadership: “Integrity, reputation, and brand are the hardest things to regain once damaged. Your colleagues are watching everything that you do, and they can either be your greatest references or gatekeepers for a leadership position. It’s easier to start being a leader now than to try to become one when you are promoted to a leadership position.”
  • Favorite Memory of Aspire: “Helping Army West Point break revenue records, my first promotion to a senior consultant and team leader, building relationship with leaders across Aspire, being a part of the FAU wall of fame, going to all those sporting events”
  • Biggest Lesson learned at Aspire: “Communicate, build relationships, don’t burn bridges, and be adaptable, because you never know when your next opportunity could come about.”
  • Favorite Memory of Aspire: “When I think back on my time with Aspire, I think about the extremely talented people I worked with and the incredible leadership team in the organization.”
  • Biggest Lesson learned at Aspire: “Control what you can control.”
  • Advice to new sport and entertainment industry entrants: “Sport and entertainment is a tough industry to break into. When you get that first opportunity, take advantage of it by working hard, being productive, and having a passion for your role and your organization.” 

If you are interested in starting your career in the sports and entertainment industry and becoming Aspire’s 76th internally promoted leader, please take a look at our currently open positions and subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you’re aware of future opportunities within Aspire’s extensive network.


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