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Interview With Influencers

October 29, 2020

Interview With Influencers Joey Harvey – Director of Ticket Sales and Service at UTEP Read more and watch here.

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Interview With Influencers

Interview With Influencers Featuring Craig Cugno Director of Sales and Service at UCONN by GamePlanTodayU Read more and watch here.

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Sutton Impact – Family Style: EP 188 Dr. Bernie Mullin

October 21, 2020

This week Jason is joined by Dr. Bernie Mullin to talk sports dealing with Covid, NBA, NFL, MLB, and much more….. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

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The Andrew Haines Show – Bill Fagan – CEO at The Aspire Group

October 16, 2020

In today’s episode of The Andrew Haines Show, we sat down with Bill Fagan, the CEO of The Aspire Group. A global brand recognized for innovative consulting, ticket sales, and partnership services based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Similar to many of our other guests on the show, Bill started his career working in sales and…

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Rocket Liftoff Podcast #48 – Justin Morelli

September 10, 2020

While schedules are still subject to change, the games will eventually be played….and Rocket fans will need a ticket. From family packages to virtual experiences, University of Toledo fans will have plenty to choose from. Director of Ticketing Sales Justin Morelli joins Brent Balbinot to give an update. Read more and listen to the podcast…

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Front Office Features – How the NCAA is Tackling Covid w/ Special Guest

September 3, 2020

“Rob and his wife are prepping for baby #2 so this week former guest, Brian Specia, fills in for Rob. Brian goes into detail on how USF and the Aspire Group are making the best of our current situation. One key highlight that came about was how the USF sales staff has deepened their relationship…

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Survey shows most college football fans want health and safety measures

September 1, 2020

By Ray Glier, For The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There are limits to the devotion of the college football fan, after all. It was assumed there would be an insurgency if there were restrictions on crowd size or health and safety measures in stadiums, like requiring masks, due to the pandemic. The Atlanta-based Aspire Group, which sells tickets…

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Live in the Front Office – Growing Leaders, Mentorship, and Development with Bill Fagan

June 18, 2020

“Bill Fagan, CEO, The Aspire Group dives into mentorship, his path to the CEO seat, and the development of leaders with their company growth.” Listen to the podcast and read more here.

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Getting in the Industry from the Outside with Jack Luce, Director Strategy, Analytics, Marketing.

June 17, 2020

“Getting in the Industry from the Outside with Jack Luce, Director Strategy, Analytics, Marketing, The Aspire Group. As Director of SAM (Strategy, Analytics, and Marketing), Jack oversees each of the three individual departments while also facilitating collaboration between them. Using these interdepartmental synergies, SAM delivers actionable insights to Aspire’s partners while also supporting ticket sales…

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52 Weeks of Hustle with Bernie Mullin

May 20, 2020

“In episode 2, Travis sits down with Bernie Mullin, Founder and Chairman of The Aspire Group. Bernie was dubbed by Sports Illustrated as “The Guru of Ticket Sales” and Bernie talks through his journey of coming to the United States and to help start the sports sales landscape as we know it today. He continues…

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