Front Office Sports: What Business Trend are Professionals Watching in 2021?

February 4, 2021

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What is the business trend you are watching in 2021?

“Pro sports hiring managers actively recruiting & selecting non-traditional sports executives (those who have not spent their entire career in sports) to lead teams, conferences, and leagues.  I think of Jason Wright at the Washington Football Team as a great example of this. Listening to him, it is evident his perspective, experiences, and lines of thinking vary from most traditional sports leaders. I am hopeful that our industry places an emphasis on attracting leaders and high performers from more traditional industries.”
— Chad Cardinal
Vice President, The Aspire Group

“Lean-in to outsourcing/consulting for cost savings/efficiency; continued diversification of content delivery (e.g. the Nickelodeon/NFL experiment, to keep existing fans happy without losing younger/at-risk audiences); Teams choosing between shifting inventory price given the long gap in physical attendance opportunities vs. the good PR of holding steady despite the bottom-line implications”
— Jack Luce
Director, Strategy, Analytics, & Marketing, The Aspire Group

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