Tony Garrett

Vice President of Fan Relationship Management

As VP of Fan Relationship Management, Tony oversees half of the Aspire’s FRMC properties alongside counterpart VP of FRMC, C.J. Wiatr. He is tasked with client partner management, optimizing revenue generation, and employee career development through ensuring The Aspire Group’s systems, structures, and best-practices are executed at the highest level.

Prior to his current role in Aspire, Tony was Director of the Tulane Athletics FRMC where he was responsible for overseeing the ticket sales and service efforts of the Tulane Athletic Department, including premium sales, ticket sales, and box office operations. During his tenure, the Tulane FRMC increased the total number of season tickets sold by 850%, group tickets sold by 219%, and achieved average retention rates for Football, Basketball, and Baseball at over 85% for season tickets. In addition, Garrett was responsible for managing the department’s CRM system and intelligent e-marketing campaigns which led to immediate cost savings on marketing expenses while generating an average 115% return on investment.

Before joining Aspire, Tony was a Senior Account Executive for Group Sales at the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) where he led the team to back to back franchise group sales records, Senior Account Executive for Group Sales with the Atlanta Hawks (NBA), Thrashers (NHL) and Phillips Arena. Tony has previously also worked with the New Orleans Hornets (NBA), now the Pelicans, and Memphis Redbirds (MiLB).