Jack Luce

Vice President, Strategy, Analytics, and Marketing

As Vice President of SAM (Strategy, Analytics, and Marketing), Jack oversees each of the three individual departments while also facilitating collaboration between them. Using these interdepartmental synergies, SAM delivers actionable insights to Aspire’s partners while also supporting ticket sales and service consultants with fan research, intelligent marketing, and campaign analytics.

Before joining Aspire, Jack spent six years as a strategy consultant at ATLANTIC-ACM, a leading Boston-based research and consulting firm in the telecom and technology sectors. In this role, he delivered fortune 50 clients with market sizing and forecasting, M&A diligence efforts, evaluation of new distribution channels and growth prospects, and quarterly market share analyses to inform C-suite decision makers. Additionally, Jack led the firm’s annual customer satisfaction research, which determined industry benchmark awards.

Jack graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Harvard, where he also pursued his interests in statistics and German language studies. Outside of work, Jack enjoys following basketball, particularly the Harvard Crimson, swimming in cold bodies of water, and singing. He and his wife are both Atlanta-natives and are happy to be back home and close to family after a decade in the northeast.