Joe Kronander

Regional Director

As Regional Director of Fan Relationship Management Centers (FRMC), Joe is focused on partner and employee achievements and development as well as consulting in revenue generation.

In January 2018, Kronander was promoted to FRMC Director of Purdue where he oversees the sales and development staff, develops the pricing and strategy for Purdue’s ticketed events, and implements Aspire’s Ticket Marketing, Sales & Service (TiMSS) plan.

Kronander started his career with Aspire as the Business Strategy & Analytics Manager at the Army West Point FRMC and was promoted to Director of Sales & Service just eight months later. During his tenure, Army West Point had the highest single-season revenue for lacrosse, basketball, and hockey as well as experienced a 10 percent increase in football season ticket sales from 2016 to 2017.

Prior to Army West Point, Kronander built the University of Tulsa’s outbound sales function as the General Manager of Ticket Sales. He moved to Tulsa after serving three years as the Sales Director for the Albany Devils.

The Cleveland, Ohio native graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Sports Management (’08). Kronander and his wife Michelle live in West Lafayette, IN with son, Gabriel.